How to Order

How to Order


All Corsets

I always start off the process with a free half hour consultation (which can be done with a group). This will give you a chance to try on sample corsets to see what you like and what fits best for your body type. This consultation gives me a chance to find out how you want your corset to serve you, and whether a made to measure or bespoke corset is the right plan. If you would like to move forward I require a $100 deposit and then I can start making the corset of your dreams.

Once you have decided to make a purchase we will have an initial visit which will consist of a 1 hour fitting where your measurements will be taken. I will show you fabric swatches and you can select a fabric that catches your eye, and we will discuss and decide on any details you would like to add to your corset. The process from there depends on whether your corset will be made to measure or bespoke.


Made to Measure

This is a great option if one of my sample corsets fits you well, as I will be able to adjust one of my existing patterns to your measurements. You will have a wide variety of china silk and silk dupioni options to choose from and be able to decide the specific details you want, such as what stitching and grommet color you like and if you want lace or flossing added.  I will then sew your final corset with the adjusted pattern and customization you picked out. I then send you a photo to confirm you are happy with the final product before shipping your one-of-a-kind corset to you.

Made to Measure Waist Cinchers begin at $350.

Made to Measure Overbust Corsets begin at $600.



If you are looking for a specialized fit and want complete control over the design process this is the best option for you. After the initial visit, I will make a sketch of the design we discussed and send it to you for approval. Next I draft an individual pattern based off of the design and your measurements which is completely customized to your body. I will make a mock-up for you using strong cotton canvas and steel bones to accurately simulate the fit of the final corset. If I need to make significant changes to the mock up, I will create a second mock up for another fitting before I move on to create the final corset to make sure you have the perfect fit.

For our second meeting you will try on the mock-up and I will mark down any changes that need to be made. We will then discuss how the corset fits and feels as you test it out. We will also finalize fabric choices as well as what details you want added such as lace or leather. You will receive a final price based on all the design decisions and then I begin hand sewing your corset and sending you in progress pictures as I go.

Bespoke corsets also have the option of adding hand dyed silk fabric or hand carved leather panels to create a corset that it truly a work of art.

For the final fitting you will try on the corset and make sure you are happy with the finished product. I will keep your pattern and mock up on file for 3 years so any subsequent corsets you want made from that same pattern can be purchased at a lower price.

Bespoke Corsets begin at $1000.


Once a final price is decided it can be split into three payments. Since these are custom pieces, I cannot do returns or exchanges which is why I do in person fittings so that I can make sure you are ecstatic with your piece. After we finalize your design it will take about 6-8 weeks to hand sew the final corset. If you choose to customize your corset with hand painted silk or hand carved leather the turnaround time will take a little longer.