Corset Rentals


Corset Rental

Photographers are now able to rent a selection of my sample corsets for photoshoots. Corsets can be rented for a week at a time, and the available corsets are pictured below.  Please contact me directly about terms and pricing.


Queen of Hearts

This sweetheart overbust corset features hand dyed red and black silk with red stitching to emphasize the hand carved leather covered in hearts and roses. The overbust style features a peaked sweetheart neckline and low back with accentuated curves, front and back leather panels, and is made with coutil and spring steel boning.

Corset Measurements*:

Bust - 31"     Waist - 24"     Hip - 29"     Center Front - 14"     Center Back - 12.5"



This steampunk beauty is a classic overbust corset with a flexible fit made from rows of cording. The front and back panels are hand carved and painted leather, paired with black and copper silk stitched with contrasting thread. 

Corset Measurements*:

Bust - 29"     Waist - 21"     Hip - 26"     Center Front - 15"     Center Back - 15"

*Corset measurements indicate the measurements of the actual corset. For bust, waist, and hip measurements, the corset will fit a model up to an additional 6" over the corset measurement. Example: if the corset waist measure 25", the corset should fit a waist range of 25"-31". Exact fit will vary greatly depending on the size and shape of the model.