Bridal Corset


Create an elegant look for your special day by ordering this gorgeous, custom fit foundation piece for under your dress that can also serve as lingerie. While wedding dresses can only be worn once, this timeless piece can be worn multiple times as a sexy keepsake from your wedding day (and night), for anniversaries, and special occasions. This corset serves as the perfect replacement for strapless bras because of its ability to support your bust in a comfortable, sexy manner. Bridal corsets can be made in any overbust corset style.

If you would prefer to have this corset as the centerpiece of your dress, I do a few select custom bridal gowns which are characterized by a corset bodice, a simple skirt, and lots of beautiful details.  If this is something you are interested in, please contact me directly.

Made to Measure corsets start as $600 and Bespoke corsets start at $1000.To learn more about ordering a corset click here.

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